Almost Lost It

Almost Lost It

Note: I originally had a different title to this post, but I changed it. The biggest fear a writer faces is losing his or her work. This is word choreography. It is rarely memorized. So writers depend upon the reliability of either pen-to-paper methods or technology. I was on a slight writing spree this morning while I sat and drank iced coffee and read my novel at a local cafe. I kept putting the book down and jotting thoughts into the Notes section  of my iPhone. I decided this evening to share this particular blurb, but when I proceeded to copy and paste the paragraphs into an email, it looked like half of the writing disappeared. Like one minute you see droplets of water on your windshield and the next they are dried up and gone, leaving only spots as reminders that water was once falling out of the sky. I nearly cried. But it was just a bug, and the words reappeared. Thankfully. So here they are. They may not be as magical to you as they are to me. But I do like to think of my writing as akin to unicorns. After all, I have to half live in an imaginary world to get my magic to flow. So go on and read below.

. . . .

I don’t think a writer can be a truly unique, creative, candid whiz of words without experiencing every emotion, enveloping him or herself in the extremes of the heart and mind like a teenage boy swimming in clouds of cologne in preparation for a first date.

I am moody.

I am different.

I see the world as one sees a movie. I sometimes lie back in my lounger, snack on popcorn, and let my eyes scan the screen. And sometimes I sit on the edge of the cushion, gripped in the scent of performance and emotional enhancement. But all the while, I remain aware that I am a bystander, an eavesdropper, a voyeur. I am real. You are the movie. Or, if you are in my life even for a teensy bit, you will become a character in my written world of woe and wonder.

Like me.

Don’t like me.

It’s all the same.

Life. As it should be. Can be. Will be. When I wrote about me. And write about you. I swear I will finish a book before I am through.