Monthly posing workshops are held on the third or fourth Sunday of each month, from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m The upcoming workshops dates are: February 24th, March 24th, April 28th, May 19th, and June 30th. CLICK HERE to register early or to purchase a 5-workshop package and save $$.

“Being successful on a stage involves so much more than just striking a pose. It requires confidence, personality, passion, and performance. I work hard with my posing clients to help them embody all of these attributes as well as learn the technical pieces to every single pose required on the stage while still maintaining their own sense of style, personality, and movement. I want my clients to pose like themselves, not just copy me.” –Jodi Leigh Miller, IFBB Pro

Jodi will mentor you through your entire posing presentation including your walk, your poses, your transitions, your skincare, your tan, your hair and make up for girls, your suit selection. She will take you through a checklist of items you need to be prepared.

​See, Jodi has competed for almost 20 years in four different divisions at all different levels: local, regional, national, professional. She has competed in Texas as well as in 10 different states and even internationally twice! After almost 45 shows, it is safe to say she knows her stuff. She was trained early on by top posing coaches in Texas and in Ohio but later ventured on her own to study stage presence and put it to work each year. Last year, she received guidance from friend and IFBB Pro Olympian bodybuilder Chris Cormier, demonstrating that no matter her expertise, she is still willing to learn from others and be the student. It makes her a better teacher. She also still competes. She experiences what you experience in the modern-era of bodybuilding. She gets judged, critiqued, corrected, and awarded just like you. She knows what you are going through in real time. Jodi will get you ready for the stage by utilizing meticulous, hands-on, and honest feedback with a direct approach as well as a bunch of wit and humor. Her beginners do not look like beginners. And her veterans shine even brighter.

Learn from The Posing Professor. And receive so much more: A True Mentor.