One-Hour Consultation Appointment

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The first step in working with Jodi Miller to create success in your personal lifestyle goals is to set up an official consultation appointment. This appointment lasts for one hour and covers a lot of ground, including your current training and eating habits, previous plans that have worked for you versus ones that have not worked for you, your motivational and communication needs, your future goals (both short term and long term), your current schedule and hiccups that may arise to thwart your efforts, your medical information including allergies, medicines, illnesses, blood work, injuries that may affect your diet or movement.

Keep in mind, Jodi can work with you in any following categories--losing body fat, gaining strength, increasing muscle mass, forming a healthy lifestyle with food and exercise, creating a healthy lifestyle emotionally and mentally as well as physically.

Once you purchase this consultation appointment, you will receive a confirmation email from Jodi to discuss next steps in setting up a time and place to meet. These appointments can also be done online via Skype or FaceTime if you cannot get to the Dallas area.

This is a non-refundable fee. Any rescheduling of the appointment must occur in writing at least 24 hours in advance of the agreed upon date and time or else the purchaser forfeits 50% of this purchase fee. Rescheduling in writing to Jodi prior to 24 hours in advance of the scheduled date and time can be done at no extra charge. Any no-shows result in an automatic forfeiture of funds for this purchase.

NOTE: If you hire Jodi for competition prepping, training, workout planning, meal planning, and/or life coaching services for at least 12 weeks or more, then $75 of this fee goes toward the agreed-upon pricing package of said services.

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