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Posing Instruction for ALL Divisions

Bikini, Figure, Women’s Physique, Men’s and Women’s Bodybuilding, Men’s Classic, and Men’s Physique


One of my favorite things to help clients with in this industry is posing instruction.  Being successful on a stage involves so much more than just striking a pose.  It requires confidence, personality, passion, and performance.  I work hard with my posing clients to help them embody all of these attributes as well as learn the technical pieces to every single pose required on the stage.

jlmposing1I have personally competed in every single division (except Men’s Physique…ha ha!).  I started with the bikini round during my early days in the Galaxy Federation and then moved into both Figure and Bodybuilding, competing at the NPC national level, before finally settling into Women’s Physique and earning my IFBB pro card.  I am a true hybrid athlete and competitor with over 15 years of personal stage-posing experience, which is quite unique in this day and age, and it is evident in my own posing on the IFBB stage as well as in my teachings for my clients.

One more unique aspect to me is that I actually have professional training, education, and experience in teaching.  As a lifetime certified educator in the state of Texas, I taught high school English for several years and later taught new teachers how to teach effectively.  Teaching is in my blood.  Patience, creativity, and relatability are at the core of how I work with my clients.  And not a single newbie competitor who hires me looks nor feels like a newbie on the stage.


When you hire me for posing, you hire much more than just a posing coach.  You hire a true teacher, mentor, and friend who believes in you.

 Single Sessions – 1-Hour Sessions (In-Person or via Skype)


 Posing Package – Five 1-Hour Sessions


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