01Oct 2012

Moving and Grooving

I often take my mini dachshund, Roxi, for a walk along the natural trails that are just outside of my apartment building.  She delicately places her tiny paws on the precarious stones that mark the path away from civilization and into the unknown.  She follows in my footsteps well, watching and...

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01Jun 2012

“Mustard In, Mustard Out.”

I recently traveled to Chicago for a two-day business trip.  For the average layman (or woman), a two-day trip does not equate to much more preparation than tossing one’s smallest and most necessary toiletries into a quart-sized bag, shoving a change of clothes into a rolling case, and...

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24Apr 2012

Like a Moth to a Light

Petals A flash of yellow in a sea of green So bright and vibrant, it was all I seen Selfish I was So without a pause I dipped down And plucked it right out of the ground I kissed the lemon petals And prepared to settle Into life with this new prize of mine But […]

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