Jodi Leigh Miller
2011 PNBA/INBA Ms. Natural Olympia Champion

Welcome to my site

Webster’s first defines “home” as “one’s place of residence.” But it is the third definition that I wish to hone in on: “a familiar or usual setting; congenial environment.” This website has undergone many changes over the years and has continuously existed as a place of residence for my images, my competitive resume, my trials and tribulations, and my successes. I hope for it to become a true home, one that is a familiar environment that you turn to when fighting to reach your own goals and dreams. So go ahead, push the door open, step inside, stay awhile, and return often. The foundation is built strong here. The walls are sturdy. The paintings are breathtaking. The conversation is rich. And it’s all because what ultimately resides inside of this home is a unique combination of the spunk, spark, strength, creativity, wit, and grace that shape my world. Welcome again to the home of Jodi Leigh Miller, INBA/PNBA Professional Natural Female Bodybuilding Champion.

Finally! The video of my guest posing at the INBA Lonestar Naturals in Azle, TX, is now available for viewing. Please excuse the 2 to 3 second sound delay. One of my girl friends did the video, and it was her first time. So it looks like my posing is off from the music, but I swear it's not! Lol! Just click below to view:

ALSO..Did you miss my interview with Mike Neumann of Natural Bodybuilding Radio on March 17th? If so, just click the link below to listen to the informative 30-minute interview. Click Here

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