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Jodi Leigh Miller
IFBB Pro Women's Physique Athlete

Welcome to my site

Webster’s first defines “home” as “one’s place of residence.” But it is the third definition that I wish to hone in on: “a familiar or usual setting; congenial environment.” This website has undergone many changes over the years and has continuously existed as a place of residence for my images, my competitive resume, my trials and tribulations, and my successes. I hope for it to become a true home, one that is a familiar environment that you turn to when fighting to reach your own goals and dreams. So go ahead, push the door open, step inside, stay awhile, and return often. The foundation is built strong here. The walls are sturdy. The paintings are breathtaking. The conversation is rich. And it’s all because what ultimately resides inside of this home is a unique combination of the spunk, spark, strength, creativity, wit, and grace that shape my world. Welcome again to the home of Jodi Leigh Miller, IFBB Pro.

I've co-authored a book.

My co-author, Yuri Diogenes, and I spent a year and a half--after getting the go ahead from Morgan James Publishing--planning, writing, and editing the book. It is a how-to guide for setting a goal, creating a workable plan of action, and then setting forth the steps to achieve your goal without letting the rest of your life fall apart.
Some people say that a person can only achieve his or her best by putting blinders on and sacrificing all else in his or her life. Yuri and I disagree. Yuri lost 100 pounds and then stood on the NPC Texas bodybuilding stage after an intensive contest prep with ...destination's Greg McCoy as his trainer. And he did this while maintaining and succeeding in his professional IT career. I personally remember my days of successfully competing and attaining my goals while also working 60 hours a week in various realms such as being a high school English teacher, being a manager in the corporate sector, and working in non-profit education reform training new teachers.
It can be done. And this book utilizes our personal experiences to provide step-by-step specifics and checklists that aid your progress. While we utilize the fitness industry as a foundation for examples in the book, this book is flexible and can be used for all sectors of life...even in your career and your education.
I, change that. I know this will not be my only book. But the next one will probably switch into the creative genre. Either way, I am tickled pink at this venture. And as soon as Yuri and I plan our book signing event, I will post the details.

In the meantime, pre-order here:

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ALSO..During my time in New Jersey, I did an interview for RX Muscle - Check it out! Click Here

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